Looking for quality tree services in the NoVa area?

For quality you can depend on, look no further than Lopez Tree Services.

We offer professional tree care at reasonable prices. Tree care requires more than just tree removal/pruning of unwanted trees/plants and shrubs. Our experienced team can help you with all of your tree care and maintenance needs.

For Residential and Commercial Tree Service, we are the best tree contractor around. Our services include:

Tree removal: Our crew can take down trees of any size. They are experienced at operating bucket trucks and cranes to maneuver around power and cable lines. They can protect your property and that of your neighbors.

Tree pruning and trimming: Our professionals can prune and shape trees and raise the canopy to let in more air and sunlight. Good pruning repairs damaged trees and increases blooming.

Planting and tree replacement: Trees enrich our lives in so many ways. Our tree professionals can suggest replacement trees compatible with NoVa’s hardiness zone and plant trees of all types and sizes.

Property clean-up: We know how to clean-up following wind and storm damage as well as after a typical job. This includes the removal of dead trees and branches, leaves, bamboo, vines and other unwanted vegetation. We leave your property neat and clean.

Stump and deep-root grinding: Stump grinding is optional but it is often needed for safety and landscaping purposes. Grinding rotten stumps prevents infestation and beautifies your property. Stumps must be removed prior to sod installation. 


Taking Down Trees


Pruning & shaping


Tree planting


General property clean-up

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

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